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Child support and license suspension

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2024 | Family Law

Child support is money that parents pay to help take care of their kids. Sometimes, parents fall behind on these payments and end up owing a lot of back child support.

If this happens and the money is not paid, the parent’s ability to drive legally can be taken away.

License suspension over child support arrears

When a parent does not pay the child support they owe, the child support agency can ask to take away their driver’s license. This is a way to make sure parents understand how important it is to pay what they owe to help their children. Without a driver’s license, it is against the law to drive a car.

Not having a driver’s license because of unpaid child support can make life very tough. It can be hard to get to work, go to the store or do other things that require driving. This can lead to problems with keeping a job or going to important appointments. In addition to driving privileges, the Virginia Department of Social Services says that parents in this state can face the loss of their business, professional and recreational licenses if they fall behind on child support.

Addressing child support challenges

To prevent the loss of their license, parents should make paying child support a top priority and try to catch up on any missed payments. They can ask the child support agency for help, make a plan to pay back what they owe and talk about any financial problems that they are having.

To avoid these hardships, make sure to pay what you owe and review all of your options. For example, modifying your child support order could help you prevent license suspension as a result of unpaid support.