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Month: January 2022

A closer look at failure to yield charges

If charged with failure to yield, you could face harsh repercussions. Aside from financial penalties, heading to court, higher insurance rates and points on your driving record, you could face other challenges. For example, you could have difficulty finding work in a...

How divorce impacts healthcare insurance

A divorce ushers in a sometimes bewildering array of changes in your life. Keeping track of important changes such as making sure mail gets forwarded to updating your beneficiaries can seem like a full-time job. One area you do not want to forget about involves your...

3 tips for co-parenting with your ex

Navigating your post-divorce relationship with a former spouse is difficult, especially when you have children. You likely never envisioned yourself going through a divorce, and feel overwhelmed at the thought. You can put your best foot forward in your co-parenting...