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Month: January 2019

How can I cope with stress during my divorce?

Divorcing couples in Virginia have a lot to contend with. While figuring out practical matters related to asset division, custody, and support are certainly important, it’s also vital that couples know how to properly deal with divorce-related stress. In this case,...

Roanoke Divorce Lawyer

Basics of divorce in Virginia Using Roanoke as an example, if you are divorcing in Roanoke, to obtain a Roanoke legal divorce, either you or your spouse must be a resident of Virginia or a member of any armed force stationed in Virginia for six months. Either spouse...

How to divorce in Roanoke, Salem and Vinton VA

Absolute and limited divorce In Virginia, there are two types of divorce: absolute and limited. An absolute divorce means that the divorce is permanent, allows remarriage, and terminates property claims. When the court grants a limited divorce, it means that the...