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How different financial professionals help you navigate divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2023 | Family Law

It is normal for emotions to run high amid a Virginia divorce, but it is important that avoid letting your emotions get in the way of the many things you need to do before starting a new life on your own. Getting your financial ducks in a row is a necessary part of any divorce, and you may find it helpful to enlist one or more types of financial professionals to help you do so.

According to Kiplinger, a divorce is the most significant financial transaction most people ever face. Because the stakes are so high when a marriage ends, you may want to ask one or more of the following financial professionals to help you navigate your split.

A business valuator

Not everyone working through a divorce needs a business valuator. However, if you, your spouse or both have ownership in one or more businesses, hiring a business valuator may prove beneficial. This professional helps you figure out what your business is worth and may also recommend specific ways to divide its value between you.

A Certified Public Accountant

You may find it useful to work with a CPA when you split from your spouse, especially if your spouse handled taxes in the past. A CPA should be able to help you figure out how your tax obligations change once you file as a single person rather than a married one.

A Certified Financial Planner

The role of the CFP is to help you plan for a successful financial future. He or she may focus on building retirement savings or mitigating investment risks, among related areas.

While these are a few of the financial professionals you may need when you divorce, this is not a comprehensive account of all types that might assist you.