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Is now the right time to tell your child about divorce?

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2021 | Uncategorized

Dealing with divorce can leave you feeling exhausted. Things are even harder if you have a child that you have to consider in all this. After all, they will end up impacted by the divorce, too.

So one big question might be: is now the time to break the news to my child? Is there a right time at all? Or at least a time that will soften the blow?

Why is it better to talk sooner?

Psychology Today states that now is a good time to tell your child about divorce. In essence, there is no “good time” to break the news. Experts all agree that you should bring it up sooner rather than later, though.

Why? Because children need time and space to process this traumatic information. No matter how you word things or explain them, your child will understand that life as they know it will come to an end soon. This makes it very hard to emotionally or mentally deal with anything else. They do not need more time in a “normal family”. They need to process at their own pace.

Tackling the discussion

The sooner they process, the sooner you can all work together as a cohesive unit, too. Your child will likely have a flood of questions to ask you in the aftermath. You should prepare yourself to answer as much as you can and decide what you will never answer.

You can also take this time to reassure your child that they will still get the support and love they deserve, even in this difficult time. That is often a big fear of children of divorce. Nipping it in the bud can do wonders to make the process go more smoothly.