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Common challenges for divorcing fathers

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2021 | Family Law

Ending a marriage can be even more difficult if you have children. As a divorcing father, you have particular concerns about parenting during and after the separation period.

Review the most common challenges faced by others in your shoes to prepare yourself for this process.

Overcoming stereotypes

While women were once the main recipients of primary custody, child support and alimony, many families now prefer different situations. If you have been a stay-at-home father, you might be unaware that you could receive spousal support that would help you establish a separate household. Today, the court does not discriminate by gender when it comes to parenting and financial issues.

Managing joint custody

Getting along well with your ex-spouse can seem like a tall order. However, making a serious effort to compromise and parent amicably will go a long way to helping your children cope with the divorce. Whether you live with your kids most of the time or have regular visitation with your children, open communication and a respectful attitude can make this transition period easier on everyone.

Maintaining a sense of normalcy

If you relied on your spouse for most of the child care while you worked, managing your kids’ daily routine can feel like a brave new world. However, establishing a routine will help your children feel safe and secure as they navigate this new living arrangement. Focus on setting clear, simple expectations and a general schedule so your kids see your new place as a home.

Keeping these three challenges in mind can help you feel more confident in your new role as a coparent.