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How can I cope with stress during my divorce?

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2019 | Family Law

Divorcing couples in Virginia have a lot to contend with. While figuring out practical matters related to asset division, custody, and support are certainly important, it’s also vital that couples know how to properly deal with divorce-related stress. In this case, Live About offers the following tips to help you tackle negative emotions during a divorce.

Alter your expectations

Acceptance can be very cathartic when faced with a situation you can’t control. Unfortunately, many divorced people struggle with accepting that they no longer have any control over the actions of their former spouse. This issue can be addressed by altering your expectations. Relinquish control in your mind when it comes to things like your spouse’s romantic life, family issues, and any other situations you have no say in. You can then redirect this energy towards issues you can control.

Stay in tune with your emotions 

It’s natural to experience a variety of emotions during a divorce. You may simultaneously feel relieved, angry, sad, optimistic, confused, fearful, and even guilty about what transpired. Keep in mind that these are all normal feelings and that it’s best that you accept them for what they are. If you’re having trouble coping emotionally, talk with friends and family about what you’re experiencing. If your emotions are too tough to deal with on your own, schedule an appointment with a counselor or therapist.

Delay important decisions

Stress can cloud your judgment a great deal. As a result, you want to put off any major decisions until you’re in a better place mentally. Moving homes, changing jobs, and other life-altering decisions should be approached rationally. Acting too quickly could lead to regret and it may be impossible to dial back what you’ve done after the decision has been made.