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Defending Your Financial Future

Dividing marital property and assets can be a complicated task whether your divorce is amicable or not.  The terms of your property settlement will greatly affect your life after your divorce because this agreement can determine how your savings will be allocated and which possessions you will be entitled to keep.

With so much at stake, it makes sense to work with a lawyer who understands Virginia’s equitable distribution laws and has a record of success negotiating for fair terms. For over four decades, attorney Eric Spencer has effectively represented Roanoke families and individuals in property division disputes and other complex family law matters. As your advocate, Eric Spencer will tailor a negotiation strategy that gets favorable results.

What You Need To Know About Equitable Division

In Virginia, marital property and assets must be divided equitably, which means fairly but not always equally. There is a range of factors that can influence the terms of your settlement, including:

Advocating For Fair Terms

Although many families have similar goals when negotiating property settlement agreements, no two families have the same financial circumstances. Attorney Spencer customizes his approach to suit your specific situation.

Our lawyer knows how to present a compelling argument to secure optimal terms regarding property and assets that include:

  • Your home
  • Automobiles
  • Banking accounts, including savings and checking accounts
  • Investment and retirement assets, such as pensions

Property division settlements encompass more than assets and property; they also include debt obligations. We are committed to minimizing your obligations and maximizing the assets you receive in your settlement.

Leverage Our Insight To Get The Results You Deserve

Unlike custody or support agreements, judges rarely modify property division settlements after divorce proceedings have ended. You can rely on Spencer Law PLLC to work for a fair and full agreement before your divorce and during your divorce so that you are positioned for success after your divorce.

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