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Defending Your Right To Fair And Full Child Support

Although your divorce may dissolve your marriage bond, it does not erase your parental obligations. Virginia laws require divorced parents to pay child support. However, how much your pay or receive may depend on the terms you negotiate during divorce proceedings.

Retaining an experienced family law attorney can help you defend your financial interests during child support negotiations and ensure that you receive a fair settlement. At Spencer Law PLLC, we have an extensive understanding of Virginia’s child support requirements and know how to apply these calculations to your specific circumstances. Our lawyer, Eric Spencer, uses this knowledge to obtain favorable settlements for Roanoke mothers and fathers. He is ready to advocate for you when you are struggling with family law concerns.

Virginia Guidelines For Determining Child Support

In Virginia, judges rely on a child support formula to establish a baseline for a child support order. This formula includes:

  • Each parent’s income and earning potential
  • The number of children requiring support
  • Each child’s financial needs
  • The parental responsibilities assumed after divorce

In most cases, the parent who serves as the primary caregiver will receive child support.

Courts will consider other factors that can increase the settlement, which is why it is smart to hire a seasoned lawyer. Attorney Spencer creates compelling arguments for clients seeking additional support for tuition, extracurricular activities and other expenses.

Modifying Child Support

After your divorce, a change in circumstances may affect your financial well-being. Virginia judges recognize that support orders may need to be revised in the years following a divorce. We are qualified to represent parents requesting modifications for matters that include:

  • A substantial pay raise or decrease in income
  • An unforeseen medical issue
  • An increase in medical costs or child care expenses

You may be tempted to modify your support agreement on your own to save money and time. However, if you do not receive a court order for a support modification, any changes you make are not enforceable. The court cannot take action against your estranged spouse if he or she fails to fulfill these new obligations.

At Spencer Law PLLC, we charge reasonable rates so that you are able to take the appropriate steps to protect your child’s financial interests after your divorce.

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