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Planning for retirement after you go through a divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2023 | Family Law

Your retirement plan is one aspect of your life that could see the repercussions of your divorce. Splitting assets, determining ownership of retirement accounts and dropping to a single income can change your strategy entirely.

Knowing how to plan for the later stage of your life after you go through a divorce can help you identify your next steps.

Revitalize your budget

Whether you have the responsibility of paying child support or spousal support each month or if your spouse was the sole breadwinner leaving you to find a job now, your income could shrink noticeably due to a split.

Prioritizing your budget will enable you to have a clear picture of how you use your money. Embrace a conservative lifestyle and do everything in your power to save money where you can. Contribute consistently to your retirement even if in small increments.

Retain your settlement

Courts will assess several aspects when determining how to split joint retirement accounts fairly. According to the IRS, in some cases, at the time of your divorce settlement, you might have immediate access to retirement funds.

Refrain from spending that money. Even if you have the option to collect the funds without too many penalties, spending this money now could jeopardize your security later. Learn about your options for opening a retirement account of your own and put these funds directly into your new account.

Rebuild your strategy

Recognize that because of the changes divorce brings to your life, you will need to rebuild your retirement strategy. Your goals may shift, and your plans might look different. Acknowledging these changes and adjusting your strategy to align can make a considerable difference in your ability to rebuild your plan and have confidence about the security of your future.