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What does the Virginia Division of Child Support Enforcement do?

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2023 | Family Law

The Division of Child Support Enforcement assists parents with their child support matters, but the agency does more than that. Its duties help to create a better environment for children and provide encouragement for families.

The main duty of DCSE is to help parents pay support and receive payments. It also provides other services to help families care for children.

Family services

The DCSE provides help with establishing paternity. Doing this allows fathers to ensure they have rights to their children while also helping to set up child support for the families. The agency also offers support services to help those paying or receiving child support services. They assist with visitation, providing various services that enable parents to see their children. The agency also supports families through employment assistance and parenting classes. They even help parents who have been incarcerated to reenter society on the right foot.

Child support services

The main duty of DCSE is to ensure parents pay child support on time and in full. They help with roadblocks that may make a parent unable to pay and provide a system through which parents may make payments. They also provide help to parents receiving child support who may run into collection issues.

The DCSE has a focus on making happy families. The services and aid they offer are to encourage families to provide the best possible environments for their children. The agency also works hard to help parents avoid issues with paying and collecting child support through various channels. Ultimately, the DCSE is a resource for parents to help them help their children.