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These sneaky moves can get you a traffic ticket

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2022 | Traffic Offenses

Sometimes driving can feel mundane. You might feel impatient and think you can sneak a quick move and escape a ticket.

There could be some traffic laws that you feel have no merit. Because they do not make sense to you it makes sense to ignore them. However, a loose attitude toward following traffic laws could result in a costly ticket. Here are some common, sneaky moves that are completely against the law.

Turning right on a red

Turning right at a red light is never okay. You should always acknowledge the red and come to a complete stop behind the white line. Then you can proceed cautiously and complete your turn if you do not see any oncoming traffic.

Sometimes you might encounter a traffic light with a sign that reads, “No turn on red.” This means that even if there is a green light for traffic going straight, you must wait for the green arrow before you can turn.

Ignoring HOV lanes

HOV lanes can improve the efficiency of your drive. Not only can you utilize them because of your decision to carpool, but you also have the advantage of traveling a bit faster. However, just because you end up behind a slower vehicle does not mean you can pull out of the HOV lane like any other lane. If there is a double line you cannot cross until you see a broken line next to the solid line.

Not signaling

Signaling your turn or lane change informs other drivers of your maneuver so you can avoid a collision. Choosing not to use your signal can cause confusion and leave nearby drivers little time to respond if you surprise them when you move. According to CNBC, a single traffic ticket could increase your insurance premium by a staggering amount, up to 35%. Avoiding traffic violations requires a consistent effort to observe and abide by the rules of the road.