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Ways divorced dads can approach co-parenting around holidays

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2022 | Family Law

The contributions men make to parenthood always deserve recognition. Children, especially, remember why their fathers mean so much to them on holidays. Dads cherish receiving handmade gifts, grilling and getting hugs from little arms.

Divorce has a way of obstructing annual celebrations. Savvy approaches cut down on the hassle and strengthen the love. Family matters do not necessarily create impenetrable obstacles.

Communicate ahead of time

Advance knowledge of how approaching holidays will unfold lowers the odds of conflict. Everyone understands what time constraints exist and who will be where. There should be no surprise when the moment arrives for children to exchange hands. Speak with your former partner about expectations. Using a co-parenting app can help everyone remain on the same page.

Join other single parents

Gatherings designed for people in the same relationship predicament are worth seeking out. Kids are welcome to come to these events. That said, fathers may arrive solo. In either case, single dads should find comfort talking with similarly unwed papas.

Visit children by phone or computer

Modern technology allows people from around the globe to stay in touch. Sometimes, there is no way to be in direct contact with young ones. Instead, there is the opportunity of spending time together through video conferencing. Zoom, Skype and Google Hangout are excellent workarounds when physical closeness is impossible.

Daddies yearn to spend time with their children, especially on holidays. When relationships fall apart, it complicates the fulfillment of this desire. Fortunately, single dads have a variety of helpful tactics at their disposal.