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How can you co-parent with a narcissist?

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2022 | Family Law

Dealing with a co-parent who tries to harm you or insult you every time you see him or her can wear you down in the months following a divorce.

Learning about how to deal with a narcissist can help you save time and energy while co-parenting.

Think before responding

According to Psychology Today, one way to avoid further arguments and moments of frustration is to ignore any attempt from your co-parent to try to guilt or insult you. He or she may overreact or blame you for situations that you did not cause.

Instead of trying to argue back, simply stay calm and focus on your children’s needs. Your co-parent may be trying to start a fight or make you appear rude or easily irritated in front of others.

Document interactions

Keeping a file of emails or texts you exchanged with your co-parent can help you in the future. If you are trying to prove that he or she did not follow your parenting plan or was outright hostile to you, having copies of your exchanges on hand is important.

As you talk with your co-parent, make sure to keep your cool. You may want to discuss stressful issues through written communication so that you can double-check your tone before beginning a conversation.

Stick to your boundaries

While you may feel tempted to help or talk more with an ex-spouse that suddenly seems to act differently, it may lead to worse issues later on. Instead, stick to your parenting plan and do not attempt to communicate more or help solve problems that are not yours.

Dealing with a narcissistic co-parent may feel overwhelming at first, but staying firm and limiting communication can help you and your children.