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A closer look at failure to yield charges

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2022 | Traffic Offenses

If charged with failure to yield, you could face harsh repercussions. Aside from financial penalties, heading to court, higher insurance rates and points on your driving record, you could face other challenges. For example, you could have difficulty finding work in a particular field and you could suffer serious damage to your reputation.

It is essential to go over various examples of failure to yield charges and review the details of the accident if you are facing these allegations.

Failure to yield takes many different forms

The Virginia Courts published information on failure to yield charges, including different examples of these offenses. For example, a driver could face failure to yield charges if they do not give the right of way to an emergency vehicle, do not comply with a yield sign at an intersection or fail to yield to a driver in a circular intersection while entering.

Failure to yield charges can result in a fine, and those charged could also have to pay a processing fee. However, other consequences, such as points on one’s record, can create lasting difficulties for drivers charged with failure to yield and other types of traffic offenses.

Each failure to yield case is unique

Sometimes, drivers face these charges because they could not see oncoming traffic, or because they did not see a traffic sign because it became obscured by branches. In these instances, taking pictures immediately after an incident can prove helpful. Every case is different and if you are facing these allegations, you need to take a close look at what happened and prepare for court, if necessary.