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3 tips for co-parenting with your ex

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2022 | Family Law

Navigating your post-divorce relationship with a former spouse is difficult, especially when you have children. You likely never envisioned yourself going through a divorce, and feel overwhelmed at the thought.

You can put your best foot forward in your co-parenting journey by following the tips below as you embark upon this new endeavor.

1. Create a plan

Without a concrete plan, your parenting style could get lost in the shuffle as you transport your kids to and from your ex’s home. To keep both parents’ priorities, try developing a plan that outlines what is most important to each of you. Here are some items to remember:

  • Prioritize the best interest of the children
  • Create a schedule that works for everyone and be flexible if it needs alterations
  • Decide how you will communicate with your former partner
  • Determine how you will work out big decisions

2. Present a united front

Children can tell when their parents are not on the same page, and it takes a toll on them. Older kids may even take advantage of the situation. Before making important decisions or purchases, speak with your co-parent and come to an agreement.

3. Communicate respectfully

Though easier said than done, you must express yourself respectfully to your ex-spouse. You have years left to deal with this person and children to keep healthy, so breathe through your anger and frustration to maintain an amicable rapport.

Remember that the most important aspect of co-parenting is allowing the minors involved to thrive. Express your feelings about your ex to friends or family members, but never your children.