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How can I save money on my divorce?

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2021 | Uncategorized

Divorce is many things, but it is usually not cheap. Many people attribute the price tag of divorce to court-mandated expenses like child support payments and alimony. However, the actual legal process of divorce can potentially cost thousands of dollars in many cases, particularly if it is a trial divorce.

There are some concrete steps that you can take to minimize the costs of your divorce. These steps include doing as much work on your own as possible and being mindful of how you contact your divorce attorney.

I thought the lawyer would take care of this

Yes, the lawyer can take care of the entire divorce, but this will cost much more money. Of course, anything directly having to do with the courts is your lawyer’s responsibility. However, divorce is heavily rooted in financials. This means that your lawyer will need access to all of your financial assets.

Obtaining copies of tax statements and bank reports is something that you can do. Collecting information on your own to give to your lawyer can save a lot of money.

I thought communication was important with my lawyer

You are correct. However, make sure that you are judicious about your communication. Divorce is as much of an emotional experience as it is a legal one. Make sure that you have a comprehensive support network surrounding you as you go through this process.

Try to keep communications with your lawyer succinct, to the point and to a minimum. Every time you pick up the phone, stop yourself and think whether or not you could simply send an email instead.