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What should I know about the Department of Social Services and child support?

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2020 | Family Law

If you have a child support case, it may go through the Department of Social Services for management and handling. The DSS provides a range of services that can help you as you navigate the child support system.

The Virginia DSS explains once it begins handling your case, payments will go through its system. You can monitor these payments through the MyChildSupport portal. The DSS also provides a range of programs that can help you if you struggle to make payments or need to collect overdue payments.

Portal services

The portal is by far the biggest benefit of having the DSS manage your child support case. Through the portal, you can see a lot of information about your case, such as when a payment occurs. You also can make changes to your account, such as changing your address.

The portal allows your employer access as well to make payments on your behalf. You can also submit employment verification and even provide feedback about the portal.

Other services

The DSS will provide additional services to help ensure your child support case remains on track. If you pay support and have an issue, such as losing your job, that makes it difficult to pay your support obligation, the DSS can provide you with referrals and assistance to help you find a new job, obtain job training or seek additional employment assistance.

The DSS has a large network of other agencies and institutions that it partners with, including community colleges and the Virginia Employment Commission. It also provides services that help to reduce barriers to paying support, such as outreach programs.