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Divorcing can be kept confidential

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2015 | Family Law

The process of divorce can be very chaotic and difficult to keep from the public.  Many people may want to keep their personal information private, especially in a small town, if a family business is involved, or if one of the spouses is a local celebrity.  Speak to an experienced divorce lawyer in Roanoke about your divorce matters.

In a growing number of cases, divorcing couples are signing confidentiality agreements, promising not to disclose potentially embarrassing details of their marriage and finances.  One recent case involved an agreement signed by Dr. Nicholas Perricone, an anti-aging guru who wrote the best-seller The Wrinkle Cure.  After his divorce, Perricone went to court asking for a restraining order. He claimed his ex-wife was planning to appear on the national television show “20/20” to discuss the details of their marriage, which would violate the agreement.  The ex-wife then added a new wrinkle to the case: She claimed that even though she signed the agreement, it wasn’t valid because it violated her First Amendment right to free speech.  But the Connecticut Supreme Court smoothed things out for Dr. Perricone – it ruled that his ex-wife had waived her First Amendment rights when she signed the agreement.